National Sex Offender Mapping System 

Maybe I need to move.


A little more about the site:

The purpose of this site is to inform the general community of sex offenders in their area in a straightforward way. Sex offender registries have been on the internet for many years, but they are hard to find and even more difficult to use. is simply a map so that the data can be easily viewed. Each sex offender is highlighted on the map and you can zoom in to view the offender, address, and other information. The map also links to the state registry for additional information such as the vehicles offenders drive and their convictions. Parents concerned about their neighborhood or those who are moving can use this free service to make sure they are in a safe neighborhood.

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2 Responses to National Sex Offender Mapping System

  1. Trinity13 says:

    The closest one to me is about a mile away from my home.

  2. Sex Panther says:

    I’m checking out the photos and thinking I don’t need a website to know not to ask these people to baby sit my beautiful son.

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