Faith Fitness Coaching

ron.jpgAs a faith coach, Ron helps you identify the old habits and fears that keep you in the shallow end of the pool, while guiding you step-by-step into the deep end. He assumes you want more than a C+ rating in the faith department. Think of him as a fishing guide, personal trainer, and private tutor all rolled into one. It’s his job to help you see the unseen, to encourage you to make decisions that make God look good, and to introduce you to the world of mountain moving faith. “

And it’s just my personal opinion, but the music on this website sucks.


And if you are interested in taking his Faith Test, do so here.

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One Response to Faith Fitness Coaching

  1. Sex Panther says:

    I like the concept though. Who couldn’t benefit from more faith in God, self, co-workers, whatever.

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