Current Poll Results – Race Car Driving

poll.gifTurns out that the majority of my readers, just barely, agree with me that race-car driving is not a sport.

I’m not saying it’s easy, and I understand it is highly competitive and takes skill, but when you have to rely on a machine . . . it’s not a sport.  Probably just a very complex and expensive hobby.

At least with golf you have to rely on coordination and balance.


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10 Responses to Current Poll Results – Race Car Driving

  1. Trinity13 says:

    In racing, the car is your equipment…just as in golf, your clubs are your equipment. In both sports, you have to rely on something.

    Btw, what about sports with animals? Is bullriding, polo, and horseracing not considered sports in your eyes because they rely on an animal?

    What about cycling or fishing? You have to rely on a machine with both of those sports.

  2. Geeding says:

    In golf, you actually have to swing with coordination with which athletic skill and muscle movement required. In race car driving, you sit and steer relying on a gas powered engine. No athletic skill required . . . not a sport. Just a dangerous competitive expensive hobby .

    Cycling is definately a sport. You are relying on your muscles to propel the bike, as opposed to sitting at the wheel and pressing a gas pedal. Polo can be a sport, as you have to coordinate your swing while balancing. All sorts of muscles are involved. Bullriding is just stupid. Fishing is also a hobby.

  3. Trinity13 says:

    So you think playing golf in a tournament lasting a few hours (where the players have to be on their feet for 30 seconds at a time to hit a little ball) is a sport, where as racing in a car for 7 hours straight (where you have to use hand eye coordination, mental strength, and quick thinking all the while going as much as 230 mph) isn’t???

    Let me ask you this…have you ever seen an overweight race car driver? They need to physically fit to even fit into the car! 🙂 Plus, it’s a very demanding sport. You are trapped in a very hot car for long periods of time all the while doing very high speeds. One wrong move and your flipping your vehicle.

  4. Geeding says:

    actually prof. golfers walk the course, so they spend a lot of time on their feet. and this is coming from someone that doesn’t even enjoy golf all that much. Golf is a sport, but isn’t a sport that is super demanding on the human body.

    I agree that driving is hard on the body, requries skill, and is dangerous. I’m not saying that car-racing isnt something to take seriously, and I know not anyone can do it, but because of their is more reliance of the machine than the body, it isn’t a sport in my opinion. It’s just an intense hobby.

  5. Trinity13 says:

    So what about horseracing? Is that a sport to you? You rely more on the horse than you do your body.

  6. Geeding says:

    I don’t know what to think about horseracing. But I’m leaning towards not a sport.

  7. MToots says:

    Perhaps the 2 of you should see what Mr. Webster has to say about “sport” As a noun….1. “An amusing or interesting pastime: diversion.” 2. “A physical activity, esp. one w/ a set form and body of rules.” It seems to me that car racing can fit either of these….as well as all the other examples you have mentioned.
    The definitions for “sport” as a verb: 1. “To have a good time: play” and 2. “To show off: display” All in all, the activities you suggest exhibit these characteristics. So……… it what you will.

  8. Kim says:

    It’s not a sport. It’s a lifestyle!

    TONY STEWART RULES!! And I want to bear his children.

  9. Trinity13 says:

    Alright, alright, I talked to my hubby about this just last night. He said that it’s only a sport when there is a point system involved…otherwise it’s just a competition. I think he’s got a good point, and I’m starting to agree with him. I can’t think of any major sporting event without a point system, can you???

    What do you think?

  10. Geeding says:

    I think sprinting, running, swimming, etc is more than a competition and is a sport, and I don’t think they have a point system. Not sure if it’s a major sporting event per say, but it sure is when the Olympics come around.

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