Brenda Warner Then and Now

I would say it’s an improvement.


I had to find a current picture of her because this article had these little snippits:

if you haven’t seen Mrs. Warner lately, you might be in for somewhat of a shock. Gone is the spiked, grayish hair and sometimes garish attire.

Brenda is in fantastic shape, thanks to an intensive workout regimen that includes climbing on Camelback Mountain in Phoenix. The overall result is that Brenda, who always had a pretty face, is looking sort of… um… how shall I say this without getting dirty looks from my wife, her husband, her kids, my kids?…. well, hot.

I still prefer wifeGeeding.

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5 Responses to Brenda Warner Then and Now

  1. Ty says:

    She does look quite hot in the pic on the right. In the one on the left she looks like she’s about ready for Halloween.

  2. Joe says:

    Hair, check. Tan, check. Nose job, check.

  3. Greta says:

    hanks for the pic. I”m watching the Super Bowl, and after they showed a picture of Brenda, I wondered if Warner had been divorced and then remarried a much younger gal. Wow – that’s a HUGE improvement!

  4. reggie says:

    Ditto Joe. It’s good to know we’ve come so far. “wondered if Warner had remarried a much younger gal.” ‘Gal’ … Really? Really?? Sweet Greta. Sweet Ty. You may want to click on the free IQ test on the scroll bar to the right. You might crack a respectable 100.

  5. Shooter17 says:

    Kinda odd looking…looks like a wig at times and hair extensions at times…the nose is different too, I think Joe nailed that one!

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