Born both male and female

There is a lot of debate about whether or not someone is born homosexual or not.  However, it is a fact that some people are born intersexual, that is, with Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS).

People with AIS are born with the XY chromosomes of a male, undescended testes (which may be mistaken for ovaries), and the external genitalia of a female. They are genetically male but appear female.

Sarah Graam was born intersexual, and doctors withheld that secret from her for 25 years.  Talk about confused sexual orientation.  She writes about her experience in a mature and touching manner here.  Below are some excerpts I found interesting if you don’t want to read the whole article.  Even though she keeps her writing clean, some things may make you a little uncomfortable.

  • Doctors have rules about how big a clitoris can be. And if a baby has a small penis he may be reassigned as female because vaginas are easier to make than functioning phalluses that pass the “locker room test”.
  • When an intersex baby is born, an “expert” is called to decide which sex to assign it to, and the parents are often pressured to go along with this decision.
  • Having no ovaries meant that I had to take oestrogen hormone pills from the age of 12 and on one of my regular trips to see God, he broke the news that as well as being infertile, I wouldn’t be starting periods – “you don’t have a womb” and “you may not grow any pubic hair”. These shocking statements were delivered as simple matters of fact and then I was left to make sense of them. I couldn’t speak to my parents. My shame was too great.
  • My gynaecologist examined me and said my vagina may be too small for comfortable intercourse. He sent me home with a set of NHS dildos (small to very large) with little explanation about how to use them. I felt so freaked that I threw them away.
  • I began to feel like I was failing as a woman. Not being able to have children really undermined my self-esteem. I worried a lot about whether a male partner would stay with me if I couldn’t give him a family. . . . When I was 17, I was really quite surprised to fall in love with a woman.
  • I’m currently investigating mounting a challenge for proper recognition in law of the right to be called what I am – intersex.
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  1. Please let me know how I can help with this important cause. We have enough truama and devastation in the world without the doctors playing – god.

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