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Jury Duty, Madden, and Somesuch . . .


  • Several of you emailed me and wanted to know about my jury duty experience.  Well, this was my first time to serve and I have to admit, I actually enjoyed the experience.  I got to the Denton courthouse and then was instructed to go to Carrolton for a small claims case involving an eviction.  I wasn’t chosen, so I was finished by around 11:00 AM. Not sure if all counties do this, but I was actually impressed by what Denton county offers in regards to your jury pay, a whopping $6.  If you would rather not receive a check for your jury duty, you can have the check go to one of about twelve different charities such as Habitat for Humanity.  My cash went to MADD. 

    The hot and cold water faucets were switched in bathroom – that really threw me off.

    One lady was trying to get out of jury duty because her boss wanted her to fly his six year old dog to the University of California for his dialysis treatment, which happens three times a week.  It was then I learned there are only six dialysis centers for animals in the United States.  I was wondering if this was true, and sure enought it is.  Some people just have wayyyy to much money. 

  • Madden 2007 is nothing but pure joy.  The release date for this game is one of the happiest days of the year for me.  I wanted to buy a new XBox 360 and the game, but I had to get some work done on sisterGeeding’s car so my budget was shot and had to settle for the regular XBox game.  I’m only four games into the season thus far, undefeated of course.  T.O. had over 300 yards receiving against his old team, and Ware and Spears teamed up for 7 sacks on McNabb.I must say I like how you can take control of a blocker and choose what kind of block to perform, such as a cut block or a pancake block.  The kicking meter is different in a good way. And there is a new option where you can choose to be a particular player and only play that position.  The computer plays coach and controls the other players.  It’s a new twist that will be fun.  So if you want to me Jason Witten, you have to be able to block and run routes – the computer controls the rest.  And speaking of tight ends, I noticed my neighbor didn’t make the Madden roster – that kinda sucks.
  • Not only was I linked to Bob Sturm’s blog, but they also read one of my emails on the air today.  It was the one about Star Wars.  When introducing someone new to Star Wars, do you make them watch them in the order of their names, or as they were released?  Bob and Dan say in the order they were released.
  • Read a great Newsweek article about Billy Graham.  I may have to share segments of that article later, but for now I’m too lazy to walk downstairs to retrieve it.
  • Someone contacted me about the BagOfNothing Fantasy Football League today.  Here is the link with all the info if anyone is interested. 
  • Remember the terminally-il lkindergarten student in wifeGeeding’s classroom?  The doctor now giver her two weeks or two months.
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  1. Sex Panther says:

    I so wish you would have gotten chosen for a case and questioned by the attorney to determine you suitableness to serve. I was chosen for a DWI case soem years back. The prosecuting attorney had a slam dunk in ours. GUILTY! Better luck next time.

  2. Trinity13 says:

    My hubby loved serving jury duty even though he had to turn in the money he receieved for it…he had to to get his regular paycheck instead!

    Btw, I agree about the Star Wars movies…you have to watch them in order of their releases.

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