A question for Bob and Dan of 1310 The Ticket

Bob and Dan of sports radio 1310 The Ticket have a little segment called ‘Gay or Not Gay.’

Wearing a pink shirt and pink tie to a football game?


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9 Responses to A question for Bob and Dan of 1310 The Ticket

  1. Trinity13 says:

    How informative!!!

  2. Jeff Stanglin says:

    Did we need a pink shirt and tie to figure out that Joe Theisman is gay? It looks like his right hand is reaching for Jerry’s. How creepy.

  3. Sex Panther says:

    I agree with Jeff. Anyone who changes their name pronunciation to rhyme with the Heisman Trophy is gay from the get go.

  4. party says:


    and LittlePastor is gay for his remark too. using an exclamation mark, fag.

  5. roddywasgod says:

    Theisman himself is gay – so the shirt color is moot.

  6. Cajun Pastor says:

    No more gay than Jerry’s plastic face. I think Theisman and Corheiser are definitely pooh pushers.

  7. LittlePastor says:

    These comments have gotten mildly out of control.


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