A Baylor Funny

I received an email from reader Jerry with this title:

“Proof that Baylor fears black people.”

with this link.

Made me laugh.

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3 Responses to A Baylor Funny

  1. MToots says:

    Guess I’m slow………..I don’t see the connection between this video and B.U. Please explain!

  2. Geeding says:

    The link goes to a Baylor football commercial. The university is trying an aggressive marketing campaign using The Richards Group. This is the same company that makes commercials for Chic-Fil-a, Southwest Airlines, and Corona Beer. The commercial shows three white students wondering through a forest, when all of a sudden a bear, a Baylor Bear defensive football player, appears and they get scared and climb a tree. Just as you can’t outrun a bear, the commercial is trying to show you can’t outrun the Baylor defense. There is a popular perception about the university, which you may disagree with, that the university is only for rich white students. Many feel the university and The Richards Group failed with this commercial because instead of showcasing the football team, it’s pointing out the popular perception that it lacks diversity, and the rich white students fear change or diversity. Not saying it’s true, but that is a popular perception of Baylor as it is with any high cost private school such as SMU and TCU.

  3. MToots says:

    Thanks for the clarification. Sad………..I learned long ago that what I say is not nearly as important as how it is perceived. I am sorry that this is also true about my alma mater! I do wish that could be remedied because there were and still are a LOT of good old everyday young people attending that university!
    Surely enjoy this blog!

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