Current Goal 31 of 31 – Finished

Only one post for today, my apologies.

I completed goal 1 of 31 back on April 6, 2005. It took me a little less than a year to complete, but I should have finished much earlier.

Just a little background before I actually tell you what the goal is.

Micah Lindstrom was a very good friend of mine. Actually, he was going to be the best man at my wedding until he died of a drowning accident exactly a week before the wedding. Even though he couldn’t be there in person, I made sure to keep him as my best man – just no replacing a guy like that.

Micah meant many things to me, and he made me a better person. If you want a little insight into Micah, feel free to visit this page or read what I had to say about him at his funeral. As I have often said, the greatest honor I ever or will ever have was when his mother asked me to speak at his funeral.

I first met Micah when we were freshmen at Hardin-Simmons University, and to be honest, I didn’t have a very favorable impression of him. This was actually a good lesson regarding that whole judging a book by its cover cliche. Then one night, we started to play a game of ping pong that lasted to about three in the morning. From that moment on, we became buddies, roomed together, went to church together, kept each other accountable, and helped each other grow in Christ. As iron sharpens iron . . .

Micah had many great traits, but one that I admired was his dedication when it came to his faith in Jesus Christ. I can go on and on about this dedication, but one thing in particular stood out. Micah didn’t just want to read the whole Bible, but he wanted to understand it and let the Scriptures sink in. He found that the best way to do this was to start copying the Bible word for word on paper, all hand-written.

If I can recall correctly, Micah finished maybe about seven or so books of the Bible. I think he started with Proverbs, then took care of some of the shorter books, and hit Romans and at least one of the Gospels.

About a year ago I felt I was in a spiritual slump, that I didn’t read my Bible hardly at all, and when I did, I wasn’t sure if I actually took it seriously. So in the spirit of Micah, I wanted to start copying the Bible. I knew this would be something hard to do, that it would take a lot of time, and it was something that could be easy to start and even easier to give up on – kinda like a diet or working out. I figured if I could copy a little bit each and every morning, in the minutes at work before I was actually on the clock and before others started to arrive, this would become habit. Some mornings I may have copied ten verses, others five, and some mornings maybe just one. By posting my progress I felt I was making myself accountable, and it was a great way to keep motivated. The reason I was never specific about what I was doing was that I didn’t want to sound full of myself.

So that’s it. I apologize if you are disappointed , but a little bit of me feels a tad fulfilled after copying all 31 chapters of Proverbs. On to the next book.

Keith Geeding

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9 Responses to Current Goal 31 of 31 – Finished

  1. aMT says:

    I think this is a beautiful tribute to the memory of a dear friend. And, I know God has blessed you as you have listened to Him through these scriptures. I have always heard it said that one should try to read one of the Proverbs every day. Your diligence in writing them is admirable….and I do know that the more of our senses we use to learn, the better the lesson is learned. I am sure you will bring to mind these words from God’s Word many times during the remainder of your life. God bless!

  2. MToots says:

    Hit a wrong button……..amt is MToots!!

  3. stef says:

    I have been reading your blog for a while now. In fact, I love it so much that I’ve even read all the archives. I have gathered through your posts that you are a Christian. I have to say I was very disappointed when I read the first line of your post and said that there would only be one post today, since I’m so excited to see all the neat things that you have found. But then I read why… and I can say that this is my favorite post. I have tried many things to help me to “absorb” the scriptures, such as copying down verses from certain books, and then praying them back to God… I think that this is a fantastic idea. I am going to start doing the same thing. I think I’ll start with ecclesiastes…

    Micah would no doubt be touched and honored.

  4. Trinity13 says:

    I have always wondered what you were talking about! I’m glad to finally know…and I’m proud of you! What a wonderful thing to do!!!

  5. Nathan says:

    productive, noble, and commendable. congratulations.

  6. Anonymous says:

    I feel relieved that the numbers were not a hitlist of individuals, and that you are not a professional assasin. 🙂

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  8. PHE says:

    I take a few days (well, weeks) off from Blogland, and one of the great questions of the 21st Century gets answered! And I didn’t even know!

    Well, now I finally know what Geeding was talking about. The world is a little less interesting.

    Seriously, good on you, Keith. You continue to surprise, and impress, me. There’s a lot to you, my friend.

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