Trade in your old CDs for an iPod

Millennium Music has a nice deal for those of you with huge piles of dusty old CDs still lying around in the house. They want all your old CDs and in return, they’ll give you a brand new iPod!

Not just any CD mind you, just in case you are already having the idea of giving them your school choir’s album. But their quality criteria is fairly reasonable.

45 CDs – 0.5GB iPod Shuffle
65 CDs – 1GB iPod Shuffle
85 CDs – 2GB iPod Nano
110 CDs – 4GB iPod Nano
130 CDs – 30GB iPod
175 CDs – 60GB iPod

If you can’t manage to dig out enough CDs for your dream iPod, they’ll still allow you to pay the difference. To enjoy the deal, simply give them a visit with your CDs or ship the CDs to them.

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