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Number 2 No More!

Just like Bill Simmons (The SportsGuy on ESPN Page 2), I decided to keep a running journal of the Rose Bowl (the national championship football game.) You can view it here. I’m sure there are a ton of spelling and … Continue reading

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For the fans of Despair.com

If you are familiar with Despair.com, the company that mocks corporate inspirational pictures and messages, you can make your own here. I don’t think this site is affiliated with Despair.com. Here is mine. And speaking of Despair.com, you should check … Continue reading

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Letterman vs O’Reilly

I’m sure this isn’t getting any news, respectively because of the tragedy in West Virginia. But this David Letterman and Bill O’Reilly exchange was very interesting. You can view it here, and if that doesn’t work, try here and view … Continue reading

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