Letterman vs O’Reilly

I’m sure this isn’t getting any news, respectively because of the tragedy in West Virginia. But this David Letterman and Bill O’Reilly exchange was very interesting.

You can view it here, and if that doesn’t work, try here and view it on ifilm.

Some highlights:

– O’Reilly calls Iraq a ‘giant massive screwup.’
– Letterman lets his emotions get the best of him regarding Cindy Sheehan.
– O’Reilly appears nervous or emotional as you can see his leg shake.
– Letterman admits he is not smart enough to debate.
– Letterman tells OReilly that he does not represent an objective viewpoint.
– Letterman tells O’Reilly ‘60% of what you say is crap’ and ‘be careful what you say.’
– O’Reilly tells Letterman he respects his opinion, he should do the same.

I really like it when Letterman speaks from the heart..

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