The 50 Most Influential Christians in America

Bishop T.D. Jakes is #1.

W is only #8.

Benny Hinn is #30.

Dr Phil of all folks is #50.

Where is Rev Pat Robertson or Jesse Jackson?

I wonder who decides who is a Christian and his or her influence on America?

Find out the rest here.

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4 Responses to The 50 Most Influential Christians in America

  1. LittlePastor says:

    What!!??!! No LittlePastor?

    BTW- I keep imagining their reactions after their pictures were taken. Like TD Jakes smiling until their finished with photos, then crushing that little dove in his armpit and yelling, “I’m the King! #1 Baby!”

  2. i too was upset that the LP wasn’t included. what the crunk were they thinking?

  3. Anonymous says:

    IMO, that list is littered with more than a few people who are batsh*t crazy a la Tom Cruise.


  4. Anonymous says:

    I’m not surprised that W is in the top ten. His alignment with the “Christian Right,” reactionary politics, and overall buffoonery has done more to dissuade impressionable, on-the-fence Christians, from viewing Christianity without a sense of farce than any of his predecessors.

    uncle to niece G

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