Homes Of The Billionaires

Forbes magazine just came out with a cool slideshow of the homes of the ultra wealthy.

This particular house was interesting, care to guess who it belongs to?

Warren Buffett. The “Oracle of Omaha” lives in mighty modest digs, given the size of his fortune. He still resides in the gray stucco home he bought in 1958 for $31,500. Totaling about 6,000 square feet

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3 Responses to Homes Of The Billionaires

  1. Cyndi :D says:

    i just LOVE how he stays in his original home, instead of blowing his money and looking flashy! Definately admirable 🙂

  2. b says:

    hes a dumb ass! you are the richest man alive buy you a nice home you piece of shit! and the other comment, get real you suck up what give him praise and that fucker dont help no body!

  3. Doug says:

    One of the brightest guys in the business world. He was Bill Gates mentor and has contributed millions towards charities around the world.

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