More Lost Fun Stuff

Hurley’s Former Place of Employment
Looks like it is owned by ABC.

Dharma Industries (I hear this one if fake)

Dharma Industries (I hear this one is legit.)
If you click on the logo, the film strip starts.

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A fan forum.

And a few more snipits:

  • The guy who played Randy, Hurley’s boss at the chicken place, is the same actor who played Randy, Locke’s boss at the box factory.
  • The creepy bearded Other guy on the boat in last season’s finale is named Kelvin. The guy that recruited Desmond into the bunker was named Kelvin, but Desmond said that Kelvin died.
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  1. Anonymous says:

    HOw do we know the creepy guy was named Kelvin? I don’t remember him having a name.

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