Bag of Randomness

  • Hockey is back, and I don’t know if I really care.
  • Basketball is about to begin, and I don’t know if I really care.
  • Football season is here and that makes life great.
  • The other day on The Amazing Race, the first team to arrive at the checkpoint won a great prize. Each person gets free gasoline for LIFE from BP. Envious I am.
  • I just love The Apprentice. Yes, Trump is full of himself, but that is half the fun. Given that, he is knowledgeable and pretty direct. Not saying he is someone to model oneself after, but one can learn from him. It’s just up to you to decipher the good from the bad.
  • Survivor Stephanie is starting to get on my nerves. Maybe because she is whining about losing all the time and such. Here’s a clue, you are from Philadelphia — that guarantees you are a loser. Yup, it’s football season.
  • If the Houston Texans end up with the worst record in football and thus gets the first pick in the NFL draft, I wonder what will they do? Do they call it quits on David Carr, trade him, draft Matt Leinert from USC, and start all over? Do they trade the #1 pick? Either way I’m sure Capers will be gone at the end of the year. My overall hope is that this team continues to suck as I despise everything Houston – aka The Armpit of Texas.
  • I found out yesterday that one of my closest friends will not be attending the U2 concert with me later this month. This saddens me as he was the one who introduced me to U2 and we both attended their last concert here in Dallas – which was the first U2 concert for the both of us and probably the greatest day in my life. He’ll be in the Big Apple and I wish him well. I will miss him at said event, probably not so much as I will having him around but knowing he will not have to hang out with a certain person we both would rather not be around.
  • I find it funny how a certain company is always stressing how they want to cut costs and increase efficiency by 50%, but then schedules a town hall meeting at the Ritz Carlton.
  • I always get a kick out how wifeGeeding gets a good laugh at the Texas Lottery commercials. That “Jackpot” jingle and facial expressions makes her happy.
  • Will Hollywood ever put out a movie that will make me want to go to the movie theater? Maybe I’m just getting old.
  • Jon Stewart needs to stop taking so much time off. If he keeps this up, he may take more time off than our current president.
  • iPod video sounds like a great idea, but watching TV on a small screen doesn’t do it for me.
  • What is the hardest thing for a Christian to do? I think it is forgiveness. Or is it being slow to anger, or loving your neighbor, or just being humble. In other words . . . being a Christian isn’t easy.
  • I sure hope the future Bush Presidential Library is no where near the DFW area. I hope Texas Tech gets it.
  • I haven’t used Photoshop in a while. I wonder why is that?
  • Why do people like Jay Leno? He’s not original and just pretty generic.
  • Who will take over the world first? Disney, Bank of America, or Google?
  • I heard this joke and thought I would share. TXU Electric has a separate entity for their natural gas unit called Atmos — so they can charge you AT MOST as they can.
  • I don’t care about: Demi and Ashton, Britany Spears, Nick and Jessica, Paris Hilton and especially Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Speaking of which, Katie Holmes has always been over-rated in my book.
  • Other over-rated women are Kristen Dunst, Paris Hilton, and Julianne Moore.
  • Bosses Day is a STUPID idea.
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11 Responses to Bag of Randomness

  1. Gabe says:

    It would be funny if Tech got the Bush library. I’m relieved that A&M didn’t get another one. People down here practically consider Bush the next Christ.

  2. Anonymous says:

    You seriously think Julianne Moore is overrated? What planet do you live on?

  3. Anonymous says:

    she’s old, pale, frecklie, and almost naked in all her movies. she may be attractive, but definately over-rated.

  4. Anonymous says:

    since when did ‘almost naked’ ever hurt a chick? Are you gay?

  5. Anonymous says:

    not gay, just don’t prefer sluts

  6. Trinity13 says:

    I love Julianne Moore’s freakles! But she’s not all that.

    The new movie Jarhead opens soon…you don’t think that looks good enough to go see?

    And I’ll take Leno over Letterman any day…errr, night.

  7. DrZoidberg says:

    I live in DFW it isn’t that great (a little superficial). Houston doesn’t have that but they do have the Astros, however Dallas does have the Stars so….basically all of Texas is awesome.

    Joke Time
    What did someone who went to Tech and someone who went to A&M have in common?

    They both applied to A&M. ha

    Just a joke; don’t get angry people. Feel free to throw your own out there. (just none of the ones about Aggies having sex with animals…’s a little old)

  8. Anonymous says:

    your mother went to college

  9. olc says:

    Every day is Boss’s Day.

  10. TC says:

    Okay, I so hear ya on all of these! You make me smile every time I pop over here. Thanks.

    Oh and think that having a day for the guy on top (Boss) is stupid. He gets appreciated every day as he is the boss and most every one is kissing his butt on a regular basis, we don’t need to create a special day to kiss butt.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I’m all for a special day for the man on top, as long as I’m on top.
    Oh Yeah! I love being on top, it’s the only way to go!

    Oh Yeah, I’m a dirty minded blogger….

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