Dorm Life

Yesterday wifeGeeding and I help sisterGeeding move into her dorm. She is a freshman at UNT. As we entered her room I met her two roommates, that’s right, two roommates. One looked just like Jessica Alba and the other looked like Natalie Portman- then I woke up.

But we did move her in her dorm yesterday and she does have two roommates. It’s going to be a very diverse room, one Asian, African Amercian, and one Caucasian. It was kinda neat walking into the dorm and breathing in that old dorm smell which brought back a lot of memories. In her room, each student has a loft bed, desk, chair, bookshelf, and set of drawers or mini-dresser. There is also a three cushion couch in the doom. Here’s hoping sisterGeeding gets use to the community bathroom.

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