Blondie and Dagwood

I’ve always enjoyed reading the comic strip Blondie. There is always a little game I liket to play everytime when reading the strip, finding that little dog. He’s usually doing something cute in the background and makes me smile.

The comic strip is celebrating its 75th anniversary, and a lot of other comic strip creators are paying their respects by drawing their characters into the Bumstead’s anniversary party. For the past month or so, the strip has been centering around Blondie and Dagwood making prepartions for their anniversary party. You can read more about this anniversary and the other comic strips paying their respects here:

The Blondie comic strip isn’t listed on the comics link provided on this blog, so you actually have to go to to read everyday’s strip. A little inconvienent, but worth is.

Sunday marked the first day of other characters appearing in the comic strip, so here are the two latest strips. I know they are probably too small to read, but if click on the pic a larger version in which you can actually read will appear.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I love this strip, and think it is great that competitors can pay their respects. That article was also touching.

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