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The Lost Supper

For you Lost fans that love religious imagery, this should entertain you for a while. (Click to biggafy) If you want to compare the characters to the original, here’s the list from left to right on Leonardo’s master piece: Bartholomew, James … Continue reading

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SI Jinx?

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Kid Casting

You know when a movie has a flashback and you see the character as a kid? Sometimes that’s awesome. Link

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Touchless Pointing

A device developed by Tokyo University team seems to go a step ahead of existing devices. It can translate in-air movements of fingers to computer command, which enables you to use portable devices without even a touch.

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Tea Party planning national strike

As President Barack Obama’s first year in office draws to a close, Tea Party groups are planning to mark the occasion with a national strike – something local leaders say could demonstrate the conservative groups’ burgeoning strength. The strike, planned … Continue reading

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Bag of Randomness

It turns out several you, and I think it was only the IE7 and IE8 users, were having problems displaying this here website.  After some help from one of my most loyal Canadian readers, it turns out it was some … Continue reading

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