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Terms of the 90s, Slang of the Nineties

What new slang was introduced during the 90s that you can think of? This is a list of all the words that were in popular usage during the 90s. For example: Fart-Knocker adj. An idiot; A phrase coined by “Beavis … Continue reading


Do you like to make flowers?

Then check this site out.


Chris Farley Impersonator/Look-a-Like/Stand Up Comedian

You have to admit the name of the website is pretty clever. http://www.iliveinavandownbytheriver.com/


If you are in need of a pirate hat

Then here is a site for you: http://www.captjackspiratehats.com/. This would be the “Skallywagg Limited.” 

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I think this bike has been here for a while


Romancing The Nerd

Yes, these are real books. Buy some here.

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Flush a Holy Book.com

Yes, sometimes it appears it is a sad world we live in.  Choose your Holy Book below, then click the flush button. Link See current stats here.

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A First For Me – BET

I have never watched any shows on BET until this week, and now I have two shows on my Tivo Season Pass. The Chrities: Committed Next Level: Vince Young  

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Postcards from Jesus

These photo “postcards” are a lighthearted but sincere effort to revisit that childlike (hence the toy Jesus action figure) excitement at receiving an encouraging, affectionate message from someone who is at once near and far away. Article and Slideshow

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The new girl that plays Juliet on Lost

Graduated from Booker T Washington High School in Dallas and was a Highland Park kid. Link That’s right, BON provides you with better local E-News than the Dallas Morning News .


Grand Canyon Skywalk

I posted about this before, but this graphic caught my attention. Official Website

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Dead Celebrity Soulmate Search

End the heartache of today’s “real live people” dating scene.  Find your life-partner among the most successfuly and famous names in history. Biography.com Turns out I would make a good match with Ava Gardner.

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