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Family gets Disney World all to themselves

The Spanglers, of Randolph, Ohio, were the first to win a marquee prize in Disney’s “Year of a Million Dreams” celebration. One of 50,000 online entrants, they were rewarded with a morning at the Magic Kingdom all to themselves — … Continue reading


Parents Steal The Bride

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah (AP) — The parents of a bride-to-be told their daughter they were taking her on a shopping trip, but then drove to Colorado and kept her there until she missed the nuptials, officials said. Lemuel and … Continue reading

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Quiz of the Day: Spell the Quarterback

1. Green Bay Packers QB Brett… a. Farve   b. Fahrve   c. Favre   d. Farvhe 2. Seattle Seahawks QB Matt… a. Hasselbech   b. Haselbeck   c. Hasslebeck   d. Hasselbeck 3. Carolina Panthers QB Jake… a. Dehlomme   b. Delhomme   c. Delhome   d. Dellhomme … Continue reading


Most Requested Funeral Songs in the UK

The top 10 most requested songs were: Goodbye My Lover, James Blunt. Angels, Robbie Williams I’ve Had the Time of My Life, Jennifer Warnes and Bill Medley Wind Beneath My Wings, Bette Midler Pie Jesu, Requiem Candle in the Wind, … Continue reading

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Rappin’ Trebek

Watch the video here.

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Fox News Labels Foley as a Democrat

Source Not sure who Mark Foley is?  Click here.

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Levitating Picture Frame

Buy one here.

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Girl Swallowed Cobblestones in Anger

Yup, that will show him.   A girl from Foshan, China, swallowed down more than 20 cobblestones in a moment of anger after a big quarrel with her boyfriend. Initially, she thought the stones would be flushed out after clearing … Continue reading

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Super Sized Nintendo



Hormel has Jack-o-lantern patterns


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How to make a cardboard costume helmet


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U.S. Historical City Maps

See if you city is on this old map collection here.

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