Your BagOfNothing for Wednesday, June 19, 2024

  • BoyGeeding and I took a road trip last week. I’ll try to write more about it throughout the week. I’m sure I’ve written about my love for road trips before. They offer a great bonding opportunity and I find the practice of driving helps to clear the mind. When practical, I prefer it over flying. Of course, it eliminates having to go through airport security and the burden of boarding and deboarding, but I like the sense of control it brings over relying on an airline.
  • Why the heck doesn’t OpenAI have a ChatGPT version of Alexa? It wouldn’t even need to do any smart home stuff or automation. All they need to do is have a home speaker with ChatGPT simply to answer questions or have a conversation.
  • I didn’t realize filming Chipotle employees making your burrito was a thing, but I feel for the employees – People Are Filming Chipotle Workers In A Quest For Bigger Portions, And Staff Have Had It
  • I’m not sure how I feel about this. It would be neat to debate or “think through” with my friends. On one hand, you have to protect national security; on the other, you have regular folks just trying to live their life. If you don’t intervene, you’ll have a similar issue Arizona and California have with the Colorado River and Saudi Arabia.
    • Florida property ban has Chinese citizens fuming
      • After his employer implemented a return-to-office policy last year, Jin Bian decided to cut down his one-hour commute time by purchasing a house closer to the office in Tampa, Florida. Then, he was told the purchase might get him prison time. “That was really shocking to me. It’s just purchasing property,” Bian, who is originally form Nanjing, China, said. “Once I learned that, I didn’t even bother to look anymore.”
  • One of my trivia friends lives in a house once owned by a former Dallas Cowboy who played from 1992-1999. He was an integral part of the defense but never made the Pro Bowl, so he’s not one you’d remember off the top of your head. Occasionally, my friend receives mail addressed to the retired player asking for an autograph. He communicated with the player years ago about what to do with these requests, and he said to ignore them, that these are professional collectors attempting to put together team sets and other things, and they don’t really care about him.
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