Your BagOfNothing for Tuesday, June 11, 2024

  • Who was the first (true or most recognized) King of England? I never considered this until I watched a random YouTube video yesterday. What I found most peculiar was that he never married and had no children. His half-brother succeeded him. Oh, the first King of England’s name was Æthelstan or Athelstan.
  • Whatever happened to Marissa Mayer? Remember her? She was the young woman man expected to turn Yahoo! around after having a great career at Google. She was Google’s first female engineer and 20th employee. Answer: She is now the co-founder and CEO of Sunshine, which uses AI to automate everyday tasks with a focus on photo and event sharing. Shine launched in March 2024.
  • Sometimes, I imagine what it would be like to throw a lavish dinner party with living people I’m highly interested in. These aren’t people I necessarily like or admire, but for some reason, I find them fascinating or think a conversation with them would be enlightening or highly entertaining. Your list, as it should, would be much different from mine. I added two more to my unofficial list yesterday: Bob Ballard and James Cameron. Other random people on my list are Bono, David Letterman, Jon Stewart, Scott Pelley, Neil deGrass Tyson, Bill Clinton, and Stephen Colbert. Tony Robbins and Rev. Adam Hamilton are a maybe. I’m a little disappointed I don’t have any women on the list. I also have a list of non-living people I’d like to have a separate lavish dinner with, as well as one with fictional characters.
  • Simon Cowell credits his son for saving him from a ‘downward spiral’
    • It’s nice to read that he’s softened up over the years. Hopefully, the mother of his son will never do anything to keep a father and son apart. As Tony has told me, it hurts finding what you feel is your purpose in life only to have your most trusted ally keep you from fulfilling it all because of vindication.
  • In 1994, Nike started a string of commercials with Steve Martin about a player named Johnny Kilroy, who suspiciously played like Michael Jordan wearing a disguise. I really got a kick out of them, and I thought it was so cool that Michael Irvin even made an appearance. Does anyone remember the “popcorn tape” that was like the Zapruder film? I recently found all those commercials, and you can watch them here. I remember telling my dad I thought that was a cool name. He then informed me how it was a real popular thing in WWII. It was probably the most well-known meme of the war before there were even memes. Oh, Upper Deck even made a Kilroy basketball card.

  • Apparently, a certain group of protestors are projecting certain messages on churches. Bold move.
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