Your Bag of Randomness for Friday, June 28, 2024

  • So, this is what it feels like to be in a late-stage empire.
  • That was tough to watch last night, especially if you lean left. Like I said yesterday, the incumbent president always performs poorly in the first debate. I think that will always hold true.
  • I like to pretend I’m a campaign advisor. I guess you can say I’m an armchair political consultant. But I’m not sure what I’d say to the Biden campaign. I don’t question his mental acuity, but I do have some concerns. Performance-wise, his speech impediment makes things look much worse than they really are. If there’s one thing I’d advise, I would encourage him not to repeat his answers. He likes to do that for emphasis, and it’s a crutch for his speech impediment, but it doesn’t make that elderly man appear sharp-minded. There’s also no hiding his voice, which doesn’t have the vigor it once had and sounds soft. I bet he’s advised to save his voice and not speak much before the debate. That should be changed; it takes his voice a little bit to warm up. In a nationally televised debate, you must come out full throttle and with your vocals thoroughly warmed up. Heck, I learned that in my high school drama class. His words no longer come out sharp and crisp, and he has to clear his throat a lot. I don’t know how to compensate for that. As for Trump, you got everything you expected. It doesn’t matter what he says or how wrong or right he is; he believes what he says and does it confidently. It was his debate to lose, and he even kept his temperament.
  • If the Democrats want to keep Biden at the top of the ticket, I’d put a whole, a whole lot more of attention on the VP.
  • And here’s a macabre hypothetical: what would things look like if both candidates died of natural causes next week?
  • So, this is Biden after the debate. Why didn’t this version show up for the debate? Is this an AI trick?

  • Newsome/Whitmer 2028. But keep a close eye on Maryland’s Wes Moore.
  • It’s one of those things you’ve thought about but never really thought about – The difference between potting soil and garden soil
    • Potting soil, also called potting mix, is a blend of materials like sphagnum moss, bark, perlite, vermiculite, compost or coir that’s intended for growing plants in containers. Guess what it doesn’t have? Soil. That’s because soil can carry fungus and other plant pathogens that can infect your plants. Potting mix is sterile, so it’s fungus-free and safer for potted plants.
  • “Don’t ask how people are doing; ask how they are sleeping. You’ll learn a lot more.”
  • Oklahoma state superintendent announces all schools must incorporate the Bible and the Ten Commandments in curriculums
  • Some bars and eateries are banning 20-somethings. Can it become a widespread practice?
  • This is a great way to honor Alex Trebek.
  • All of these transfer portal memes cracked me up.

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