Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, May 15, 2024

  • It doesn’t matter where I leave my remote. It can be on top of the refrigerator, but one of the dogs will step on it and change the channel, turn it to YouTube or Netflix, or get the Google Assistant to yapping.
  • I loved the concept behind this idea: Dublin to New York City Portal Temporarily Shut Down Due to Inappropriate Behavior
    • But I’d set up the portal in Philadelphia and Dallas during the week those two teams would meet.
  • I’ve been a big fan of ChatGPT, especially their phone app, because it allows for natural back-and-forth conversations. I also like their major upgrade. However, I don’t like that they took the conversation feature away on the mobile app. It will be a feature in the upcoming weeks in a paid version, but I’ve got no time for that.
    • Using the word “natural” in that last sentence to describe “artificial” intelligence is ironic, no? Actually, it’s not, but I can’t find the right word.
  • Jon Stewart’s return to The Daily Show has caused me to return as a regular viewer. I’ve really enjoyed being introduced to the talents of Ronny Chieng, Jordan Klepper, and Desi Lydic.
  • Martha, if you are out there. the answer is yes.
  • I had never heard Broadway described as the “Great White Way” until yesterday when I was reading an article about George Clooney bringing Goodnight and Good Luck to the stage.
  • Oh, no they didn’t. Oh boy, yes they did.

  • U2 frontman Bono reveals his family never spoke about his mother after she died
    Bono lost his mother Iris after she collapsed at her father’s funeral in 1974

    • “I’ve got very few details about my mother and I wrote the book [Surrender] to kind of hook some of those memories out of that river that goes by with all, with your life in it and suddenly it’s passed you by,” Bono said. “And I thought, I don’t want my memories of my mother to pass me by completely. And they were getting less and less and less.”“That’s because when she died I was 14, and my father just didn’t speak about her,” Bono recalled. “We didn’t speak about her. Very Irish male situation. So I can’t really recall how she spoke. I remember feelings though.”
  • British boxer Sherif Lawal dies after collapsing in the ring in professional debut  –  The 29-year-old was knocked down by Portuguese opponent Malam Varela in the fourth round of a middleweight bout at Harrow Leisure Centre.
    • A lot of folks think that boxing needs to be retired as a sport. I’m still unsure how I feel about that, even after this tragedy. It’s just shocking because you’d think this man would be at his peak in terms of health. So, either he was injured in the fight, or there was an unknown preexisting condition.
  • One looks cooler than the other – Ghost Shark and Manta Ray: Australia and US unveil undersea drones
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