Bag of Randomness for Monday, May 13, 2024

  • Millions of people simultaneously marked the Aurora Borealis off their bucket list Friday night. What an unexpected joy for people across the world to share! It was a moment when there were no partisan walls but one in which everyone was in awe and unity. Someone needs to write a song about this unexpected blessing. I really like how the lights move in this one.

    But I like this one most of all.

  • Another but slightly different blessing coming from the skies.

  • I needed new tires to pass my upcoming state car inspection, which will be an extra $200 this year because of Texas’ new law on electric vehicles. Since EV owners don’t buy gasoline, we aren’t able to contribute to any taxes that help benefit our roads. This law rightfully fixes that. It stinks waiting in the store lobby for your vehicle to get outfitted with new tires, which always takes hours. Such a thing wasn’t much of a problem when I was married because my spouse would pick me up and take me back when it was ready. Or, since the tire shop was so close to the house we had lived in for 15 years, I’d just make the 8-minute walk back home. Since I’m now single, I planned things around the Mav’s playoff game on Saturday afternoon. A friend picked me up from the tire store, we watched the game, and then he took me back after the game ended. I hate waiting, so I like these little victories in making the most use of my time.
  • I read this quote in an article recently, and I condone it.
    • I think there is pressure on people to turn every negative into a positive, but we should be allowed to say, ‘I went through something really strange and awful and it has altered me forever.'” – Marian Keyes
  • I saw this tweet last night. It caught my attention.
  • The Church of Jesus Christ Latter-Day Saints has eight large building projects in Texas. One proposed one is a temple in McKinney with a 16-story spire that has local residents up in a roar. I thought it was funny that the article mentioned it would be as tall as the water tower. The Mormons invited the community for a discussion, but many felt controlled.
    • “It’s just a good-faith effort to be able to share details about our project, listen to their concerns, and have them ask questions,” said Church spokeswoman Melissa McKneely. But, some of the residents who spoke with WFAA did not get a warm feeling from the open house meeting.They tell WFAA they were ushered into a gym and their movements and speech throughout the facility were ‘controlled’ by organizers. Community members wore green shirts that read “Fairview United” and the words “Keeping it Country and not an inch more.”
  • It’s worth waiting to see where these tires end up at the end of the video.

  • I would never expect two elderly women using a hammer and metal pick to break the glass containing a copy of the Magna Carter and try to put oil on it, but welcome to 2024.

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