Bag of Randomness for Monday, March 25, 2024

  • I spotted a white Tesla Cybertruck on my way to Whataburger in Lewisville. The public was told they would only be available in stainless steel, so they have either changed their minds or people are buying a new vehicle and then having it painted. I guess if you have the money, you can do whatever you want. I’m guessing this fella was pulled over for having no plates.
    Update: I should get with the times. A friend told me that they are more than likely wrapped. Now, I need to research the benefits of wrapping a car vs. painting one. At one time I thought the wrapping material was easy to remove, but I think some research led me to believe it’s tougher than one would imagine.
  • I saw this tidbit on CBS Sunday Morning:
    • In 1948, President Harry Truman complained about a “Do-Nothing” Congress. Still, in two years, that Congress passed more than 900 pieces of legislation. 
    • The nation’s current 118th Congress passed only 27 bills in its first year, making it on track to be the least productive Congress since the Great Depression.
  • These talkshow hosts once called Trump a bully and an idiot. Now, they’re his biggest defenders
  • Yes, the Texas power grid will be impacted by the April 8 eclipseERCOT managers have an 11-day plan to get the state ready for the eclipse on April 8.
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