Bag of Randomness for Friday, March 29, 2024

  • Seriously, we couldn’t even get the banner unraveling right? They only had five months to work on it. It unraveled awkwardly and slowly, hung crooked and wrinkled because it wasn’t stretched out, and our stupid governor insisted he throw out the first pitch.
  • For the longest time, I’ve wanted to post a video or tweet at the top of a blog post and have it center justified, but I could never figure it out. Sure, it does sound simple to do. There was countless trial and error. But thanks to AI, it took less than five seconds.
  • This video of a college graduate complaining about how hard it is to find a job is making the rounds. Yes, that’s a college graduate and not a 12-year-old like she looks (and acts) like. Reality is hitting her, and it’s hitting hard. I’m a little sympathetic and will give her some slack because I was once like her when I got out of college, but not to this level. Granted, she left a lot of context out, such as what she got her degrees and one certificate in. I have more thoughts below for those of you who choose to watch it.

    • In case you are wondering, she attended Rider University, a private university in Lawrence Township, New Jersey. The school she earned her certificate was West Chester University.
    • How exactly is she more qualified? If she were an accounting major and did an internship for an accounting firm, I’d be more sympathetic. But I have a feeling she thinks getting a piece of paper that shows you went to college makes her more qualified and elite than everyone already in the workforce.
    • All Bart did was be generous to her, and she’s basically making fun of him as if she wasted her time speaking to him.
    • A mentor needs to tell her to take an entry-level job at a firm in an industry where she wants to work. Do the job well, be reliable, help the company profit, and you will advance quickly. I would also add she needs to have the attitude that the job is not beneath her. That was a mistake I made. I accepted an entry-level job just to get my foot in the door. But I made a mistake by focusing more on getting the next job or planning ahead than focusing on the job I was hired for and excelling in that one first.
    • Making this video is only going to make her less hireable.
    • Let’s work on some interviewing skills.
    • It may take her a while to understand it’s not what you know but who you know.
    • We all have had our moments. I wish her the best and hope she learns a lot in this season of her life. I also wouldn’t doubt if the video was fake.
  • Idiot – Michigan GOP lawmaker falsely labels March Madness athletes ‘illegal invaders’On social media, Rep. Matt Maddock said buses near a Detroit airport had been “loaded up with illegal invaders.” The airport later said the buses were “transporting the basketball teams and their respective staffs.”
  • Language warning.

  • It has indeed. The mid-range jumper is gone. No one drives to the lane, which shows a lack of defense. Defense today is little more than a hand in the face.
  • Yesterday was the first day of district play and DaughterGeeding hot her first hit of the season. Here she is about to get thrown out at second.
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