Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, November 7, 2023

  • I’m not sure if it was the time change or what, but I woke up feeling great yesterday. Not only did I wake up early and fully rested, but I felt both mentally and physically charged. I had that feeling that I was ready to accomplish a lot of stuff. That’s not me in the mornings, especially a Monday morning.
  • Per the wound care doctor, one of my infected incisions has completely healed. He also told me I no longer had to wear that wound-vac medical device, which covered half my back. I think I had that thing on for three straight weeks. We’re hoping the other incision will be fully healed by the end of next week.
  • For the first time in a long time, I wasn’t experiencing a lot of pain. I can now get in and out of bed regularly. However, I still can’t get into a car easily; it’s as if I were wearing a pencil skirt. When brushing my teeth, I still can’t lean forward much to spit, but hopefully, flexibility will return soon. For now, the doctor said the best thing I can do is walk. Physical therapy will come later.
  • I thought this exchange during Trump’s trial was funny:
    Trump was asked about his involvement in his 2021 financial statement and responded, “I was busy in the White House. My threshold was China, Russia and keeping our country safe.” AG attorney Kevin Wallace then reminded Trump: “Just to clarify the record, you weren’t president in 2021.”
  • @newyscruggsAfter Texas #Rangers won the World Series 2023 for the first time, searches for ‘Texas Rangers jersey’ skyrocketed by 1,884% to a five-year high, according to Google Trends. Searches for Corey Seager jerseys soared by 2,832% compared to the last seven days average.
  • CRIME Granbury council candidate arrested on felony child porn charges, day before election
  • I would have thought news of direct deposits not going through for many banks would be bigger news. Here’s two stories for you:
  • Texas could spend federal funds meant to cut carbon emissions on highway projects
  • By outing 19 students to their parents, Katy ISD violated Texas ethics codes for educators
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