Bag of Randomness for Friday, September 8, 2023

  • This is how Jerry Jones plans to control the Cowboys from beyond the grave.
  • I’ve noticed new vehicles have fancy long-winding LED lights. Some of them make me think of Knight Rider, though that car had a red chasing light in the front center. These new vehicles have lights that accent the head and tail lights. Anyway, all that to say it’s a lot easier to spot new vehicles on the road.
  • right before the start of season opener of the NFL season, my son came in and wanted to play a board game. Time with my boy is more important than any football game. Then, he wanted to get ice cream, and well, that was hard to turn down.
  • I continue to be in favor of pronouns used in the workplace. I thought Chee Chee was a male, like the golfer, Chee Chee Rodriguez. Nope, female. Pronouns would have saved me from some embarassment.
  • That time Clint Eastwood was pranked by Mr. Ed.
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