Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, May 23, 2023

  • Just randomly thinking about what my dad used to carry with him daily and how much I don’t. Things found in my father’s pocket on a daily basis
    • Wallet (rear pocket)
    • Comb (rear pocket with the wallet)
    • Folded Handkerchief (also in the rear pocket)
    • Change (coins)
    • Small pocket knife
    • Set of keys (key to two cars, house keys, office keys, etc.)
    • Lighter (cigarettes went into a shirt pocket)
  • I’m just a novice hockey fan, but the Stars have played well enough to beat the Golden Knights in both games.
  • My fellow P1s will be happy to know Bob Sturm signed a new contract with The TICKET. There are no details, but we’re thankful to know he’ll be around for a while. It’s also been great following his career as he achieves all these successes.
  • It seems like everybody is watching Succession. Maybe I’m missing out. I’ve watched the first two episodes and it didn’t pull me in. Also, I think I’m looking for something that’s a bit more positive and optimistic about life.
  • TX AG Ken Paxton Going After Hotel Chain Hidden Fees
    • Attorney General Ken Paxton filed a lawsuit against Hyatt Hotels Corporation for allegedly engaging in deceptive advertising practices in violation of the state’s consumer protection laws. The lawsuit specifies the practice of charging consumers mandatory hidden fees, such as resort fees or destination and amenity fees on top of the advertised room rate.
  • New Zealand’s ratio of sheep to people drops below five to one for first time in 170 years.
  • Flower Mound police showcase tear gas launcher to elementary school students
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