Bag of Randomness for Monday, May 8, 2023

  • I’m sorry I didn’t post a Bag of Randomness last week or give any notice I was taking time off. I was going through a rough time and the doldrums got the best of me. Truth be told, I have to be in a certain mindset to write. Most of the time, I’d rather not post than put up something cruddy. Hopefully, gray skies will clear up. I apologize to the individuals who were nice enough to reach out and show their care and compassion. I should be better at following up and replying. It’s just when you are in a dark place, it’s hard to get moving or make any momentum.
  • BoyGeeding missed his last soccer game of the season because he wasn’t feeling well. I have a feeling I won’t see him play organized soccer again.
  • It’s crazy how normalized mass shooting has become, even if it’s in your own backyard. The press briefing was maddening, 20 minutes of local officials patting each other on the back.
  • Yesterday’s sermon at our church was Paul’s message about not getting a divorce. It felt strange being in the same room as my ex as it was being preached. It would have been interesting to take a trip inside her head during that time. In a weird sort of way, as it was being preached, I started to feel more and more vindicated. Not in an I’m right and she’s wrong sort of way, but more like a hug from God telling me that I stuck by biblical principles and gave it all to save a marriage and family from being torn apart. I’ll ever understand why she didn’t want to go to counseling at least one time to keep the family together. Family is worth the fight.
  • The other night I was in my bedroom and BoyGeeding walked in. I grabbed a back scratcher to scratch my back, but he stopped me, “Dad, you don’t need a back scratcher, I’m here to scratch your back for you.” Funny thing, the only reason why I bought that back scratcher was because I didn’t feel comfortable asking my then-wife to scratch my back. It’s hard to explain, but when I asked her to do something for me, she often made me feel as if I was being an inconvenience.
  • While I don’t like other people going through the same experience, it’s slightly comforting to know that I’m not an outlier – US Surgeon General calls for action regarding the ongoing ‘epidemic of loneliness and isolation’Recent research shows half of U.S. adults experienced loneliness daily.
    Recent research shows half of U.S. adults experienced loneliness daily.
  • I had a delightful evening (in other words, a date) Saturday night with a published scientist. The next day we met and took a long walk together. I’m happy to have made a new friend.
  • Reddit Video – Guide dog helps a blind person use the toilet
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