Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, March 22, 2023

  • I received that photo above in a text message yesterday which said, “Scottie Pippen at Pastafina in MW yesterday!” I guess that beats the time Dick Motta came to town for an athletic banquet and Shawn Bradley being spotted at the True Value.
  • I have silverware or metal cutlery, but for some reason, my kids prefer to use plastic spoons and forks.
  • Very few people will remember shopping at Poston’s Dry Goods in Mineral Wells. I’m one of them. The store, I found out, is now a hub for all things Mineral Wells.
  • Next year will be my 30-year high school reunion. I’d like to go and spend a day and a half checking out what all has changed. But, I may skip the reunion because I’m embarrassed about my divorce. Hopefully I’ll have a different perspective of things by next year.
  • I had 54 tabs opened on my phone, but I’ve now managed to get to something in the teens.
  • I think it’s pretty neat how my doctor notes are available online the day following my visit. It gives me a chance to look up vague terminology and works as a pleasant reminder of a few things I may have overlooked. Below is a section of the notes my neurosurgeon wrote. The only thing I question is this part, ” I believe he is a reasonable candidate.” Medically or procedurally speaking, other than “reasonable”, what are other categories or options, good, bad, strong, weak? I couldn’t find a “reasonable” answer after five-minutes of research.
    • I had a long conversation in the office today with the patient regarding the recent lumbar spine MRI scan findings. We looked at the MRI scan together and discussed the significance of the findings. We discussed the natural history of lumbar spinal stenosis with neurologic symptoms as well as treatment options. Both conservative and surgical options were discussed as well as the pros and cons of each. I outlined the use of medical therapy including anti-inflamatory medications, physical therapy, pain management including injections, alternative modalities, and finally surgical intrervention. Surgery to treat this condition would consist of a lumbar L3-4 laminectomy with medial facetectomy and foraminotomies and decompression of the nerve roots at the involved site. Since he has a prior L4-5 stabilization arthrodesis and would be at risk of instability, I would perform a concomitant posterior lateral arthrodesis utilizing his own bone. I went over this surgery as well as risks and recovery. Risks such as infection, poor wound healing, anesthetic risks, permanent pain, numbness, weakness, and unforeseen catastrophic injury were all discussed. The patient is markedly symptomatic despite extensive conservative treatment including physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, management with epidural steroid injections, and medicines. He would like to move forward with surgical intervention. Under the circumstances I believe he is a reasonable candidate. The patient has a good understanding and concurs with this plan.
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