Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, March 15, 2023

  • It amazes me that other than Canada, Elvis never performed in another country.
  • I went to the new Aunte Anne’s grand opening. My pretzel was underwhelming as it was burned.
  • Vladimir Lenin spoke English with an Irish accent because his English tutor had an Irish accent.
  • Did we ever find out if it was Tony, or Angela, who was the boss?
  • TheĀ Growing Pains theme song is stuck in my head . . . Show me that smile…
  • I’ve been on a Buster Keaton kick as of late. He’s massively under-rated.
  • “Family is everything” or “Family is the most important thing” – I used to live and die by those words. I’ve been humbled.
  • Remote learning isn’t new: Radio instruction in the 1937 polio epidemic
  • Canadians being overtly friendly.

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