Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, March 1, 2023

  • DaughterGeeding had her braces removed yesterday. I promised her I wouldn’t post any pictures.
  • My Elvis research has led me to his friendship with Sammy Davis Jr. Both were supposed to star together in a prison escape movie in which they were chained to each other. But, the Colonel, like he often did, held Elvis back because he feared Elvis staring alongside a black man would be bad for his career.
  • BoyGeeding was telling me about a new rule he doesn’t like, which has been implemented at his school. Boys have to hold doors open for girls. Girls, even if they want to, can’t hold the door open for any boy. If there is a line of students going through a door and a boy is holding the door open, and another boy passes, that boy would take over for the other boy. If this rule isn’t followed, then a student would get a demerit and then a parent-teacher conference. BoyGeeding said all the boys are getting around this by all of them lining up at the back of the line. I’m all for instilling manners, but this is a bit overboard.
  • One thing that annoys me in Christian circles, and this happened recently at my church’s men’s retreat, is that unsubstantiated science is thrown around. For instance, if the Earth was ten feet closer to the sun we’d burn up, or if it was 10 feet further we would be in a winter wonderland. The Earth’s orbit is not a perfect circle to begin with:
    • During the first week of the new year, Earth moves closer to the Sun at about by about a mile each hour. The following week it’s moving away from the Sun by about 100 miles each hour, a month from then it’s more like 600 miles each hour. The Earth-Sun distance varies per each 3.4 million miles over each year. So fear not, Earth’s habitable is quite a bit larger than your local facebook scientist would have you believe.




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