Bag of Randomness for Monday, March 13, 2023


  • I’ve only found Auntie Anne’s inside malls. Often, I’ve wondered why they didn’t have small drive-thru locations, thinking they’d make a killing. Well, a small drive-thru location opens in Lewisville today and I may be first in line.
  • The founder of Auntie Anne’s grew up Amish and stopped going to school after 8th grade. In her memoir, she describes her church’s pastor having maintained secret sexual relationships with her and her sisters, and that he had also molested her daughter.
  • The kids and I toured The Star, the headquarters of the Dallas Cowboys on Saturday. DaughterGeeding didn’t enjoy the experience. I wore and old Super XXX victory cap and one employee actually took notice.
  • There’s a small field or turfed area on the second floor, so coaches and players don’t have to go downstairs to work on concepts. There are a lot of jokes I could make about the Cowboys kicking situation, but you may notice this goalpost (on the ground floor) is only six-feet wide.
  • Their film room was bigger and fancier than I expected.
  • I got a kick out of this old team photo when kickers used to kick bare-footed.
  • While I enjoyed seeing one of Tom Landry’s hats being on display, I didn’t like where they placed it. That thing is going to get some massive sun damage.
  • Here are some proposed logos for when the club was first formed.
  • “The Catch” captured from by frame was kinda cool.
  • Here is a collection of jerseys through the years. I hated those green-tinted pants.
  • Posing next to the Super Bowl XXX trophy with my Super Bowl XXX hat.
  • This wall is dedicated to Dallas Cowboys who have won the NFL Man of the Year award. It’s going to need updated and a major renovation to include Dak, the current winner.
  • I will now be taking your questions.


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