Bag of Randomness for Friday, March 17, 2023

  • It’s St. Patrick’s day, which means the Bono and The Edge and David Letterman special has dropped on Disney+.
  • Maybe it’s been this way for years, but I noticed that the basketball courts for the NCAA tournament don’t have a center circle anymore. Well, at least one that’s visible on an HDTV.
  • I like the way the U.S. totally played Russia with the drone accident. Our government put it out there gently, then let Russia lie, wait a few days, then reveal a video that proves the opposite of what they said.
  • I just made up a conspiracy theory which I hope turns into an urban legend. The Coca-Cola we drink today is New Coke, the company just slightly altered the taste each year so the public wouldn’t take notice. Classic is the new New Coke.
  • Coke should bring back New Coke for a limited time just for a publicity stunt.
  • Not that I’m a Pepsi fan, but they should have never updated their logo.
  • I have a spinal fusion surgery (technically, a re-exploratory laminectomy & fusion) scheduled for Friday, April 14, 2023. This won’t be as major as my spinal fusion surgery in 2019 or as serious as my neck surgery in December 2021, but it’s still spinal surgery, and I’d appreciate your thoughts and/or prayers. I may need some help to get to and from the hospital. Depending on how the surgery goes, I may stay overnight.
  • The moment I think I’m done with legal fees, I get another bill from my attorney. It never ends. It’s hard to move on when the past continues to pull you in.
  • Paid time off is not part of workers’ ‘salary,’ U.S. court rules
  • Today I learned “mosquito eaters” don’t eat mosquitos.
  • I doubt anyone gets the inside joke of the photo at the top of today’s post. It’s not like the celebrity was in her prime in that photo. You know, early to mid-nineties.
  • It’s bluebonnet season. If you see a pink bluebonnet (an oxymoron?) you may be interested in the legend of the pink bluebonnet.
  • Target sells adult toys for both women and men (Twitter).
  • Rare, Jurassic-Era Giant Insect Discovered at Arkansas Walmart
  • Georgia man looks at child porn while deputies search his home for child porn, sheriff says
  • Texas announces takeover of Houston schools, stirring anger
    • The announcement, made by Republican Gov. Greg Abbott’s education commissioner, Mike Morath, amounts to one of the largest school takeovers ever in the U.S. It also deepens a high-stakes rift between Texas’ largest city, where Democrats wield control, and state Republican leaders, who have sought increased authority following election fumbles and COVID-19 restrictions.
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