Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, February 7, 2023

  • When I buy sunglasses, I always prefer the amber tint.
  • I’m not much of a Chelsea Handler fan. She’s guest hosting The Daily Show right now. I’ve seen a few of the shows and overall I think she’s killing it. But there’s something with her delivery that’s just off.
  • I bet one reason the Chinese “weather” balloon was shot down over the ocean was because debris slashing down in the water wouldn’t break apart as much. They would rather cover it intact, and the water gave better odds than the ground.
    • For the pilot, does that count as shooting down an enemy aircraft?
    • I’m surprised they used a missile. They sure are expensive, but then again, what else are they going to use them for? I guess it’s better to use them than have them sitting around gathering dust. Maybe I’ve watched Top Gun too much, but thought the pilot would fly so close to the balloon that he had to switch to guns.
  • You pretty much have presidents Herbert Hoover and Ronald Reagan to thank – The Reason Why a Standard Piece of Paper Is 8.5 Inches by 11 Inches
  • Loving uncle offers to walk lesbian niece down aisle after parents reject her
    The woman’s father angrily told the uncle that it was his “right” to “give” his own daughter “away.”
  • How Great Britain Looted Up To $45 Trillion From India
    • Did this happen? Was it legal? And if it happened, what are the steps taken to recover this vast sum, if possible? When it comes down to accurate information on what happened many years ago, there comes the need to separate the facts from the presumptions.Now, let’s go down history lane to understand just when and how Great Britain looted $45 trillion from India.
  • I’m still on an Elvis kick and continue to be amazed at Austin Butler’s dead-on performance.

    Out of all the outfits Elvis work, it’s this white suit from the comeback special I like most. Here’s an Elvis tidbit. His. His father chose a white suit for him to be buried in. Oh, you want another? Whitney Houston’s mother was one of Elvis’ backup singers.




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