Bag of Randomness for Monday, February 27, 2023

  • I wish my car radio had a 30-second rewind feature.
  • In a communications class in college, the last day of class was reserved for acceptance speeches for pretend awards given out. I was awarded “best smile.” I never took it seriously, but when I talk to women I’ve gone out on dates with via an app, several have told me one reason they swiped right is because of my smile. Go figure.
  • I’m doing what I can to live life, but I still feel like I’m just surviving it, and not living it. The ex has easily moved on. I’m told research says the one who files for divorce has checked out long ago, so they basically have a head start in starting a new life.
  • One of my more interesting dates was one with a golf professional. After our date, she sent me a message thanking me for picking up brunch and for the “wonderful” conversation. I think the use of that word is a good thing. But what keeps me from allowing it to go to my head is that word was also used by the girl I took out before her in much the same way. However, I didn’t want to continue the relationship. But, I would like to go out with this golf pro again.
  • I miss being in a committed relationship. Some may enjoy the single life, but I didn’t choose this, it was forced upon me.
  • Is a burrito a sandwich? Well, it’s legally classified as one in New York.
  • Even money wise, arming Ukraine is a cost effective way to deal with Russia.
  • I haven’t kept up with the drama surrounding the racist comments from the creator of the Dilbert comic strip. But it doesn’t affect me. I never liked it to begin with. But I do read The Far Side every morning.
  • Bum deal – The Runtime of The Mandaloran’s Season 3 Debut Will Set a New Record for the Star Wars Franchise, But Not in a Good Way
  • Skip this bullet point if you are easily offended by curse words… It’s Monday, so you may be feeling blah. Maybe you need to take better care of yourself. If you do, give this self-care website a try.






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