Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, January 17, 2023

  • There’s no escaping the Burger King commercials which end with, “You Rule!” It doesn’t matter what I’m watching, but it’s going to be played and it’s killing me.
  • I don’t think I’ve eaten at a Burger King in over two decades.
  • DaughterGeeding was with her mother yesterday while BoyGeeding spent the day with me. We spent a good chunk of the day at an arcade. Along with video games, we played a lot of air hockey, skee-ball, and shuffleboard. We topped the day off with a DQ Blizzard.
  • BoyGeeding was determined to get a ball to land in the 100 point hole playing skee-ball. He joked we weren’t going to leave until he hits it. I watched him for a good while, and came close to pulling out my phone to check my email and see what’s the latest on Twitter. But, I told myself, even if the odds are small that he actually does get that 100 point hole, should he look over at me when he does it, how would he feel if he saw his dad on his phone rather than cheering him on. It’s one thing to tell him that he’s a priority and important to me, but it’s a whole other thing to show it. I’m a big believer that if you are going to talk the talk, you better be able to walk the walk. Eventually, he did make one of those wooden balls go through that 100 point hole. He immediately looked at me with an expression of joy and excitement, and that was way more important than anything on my phone.
  • A close friend sent me this.

    • By this definition, my ex and her family are child abusers, and I have no problem with this definition.
    • My faith teaches me to forgive. But I’ll be honest, I’m struggling with ever forgiving my ex and her family for how they denied any communication between me and my kids for four straight nights, and then only grant a five-minute monitored phone call on my son’s ninth birthday.  Maybe there’s a definition of forgiveness I’m not familiar with. It’s one thing to hurt me, but they intentionally hurt my children. And from a Christian perspective, I don’t understand how a mother can fund a divorce knowing there was zero counseling and thinking life for her grandkids in a broken family is better than in a united one. The one bright side, at least those toxic people are mostly out of my life.
    • Again, if you ever want to issue me a citation for public urination, you will find me in the act at my former mother-in-law’s grave an hour after burial.
  • Kabul’s mannequins hooded and masked under Taliban rules
  • Texas is Getting More Medical Cannabis Dispensaries as DPS Opens Application Process
  • ‘It’s disrespectful’ — Mark Cuban doesn’t like the latest Luka Doncic mural in Deep Ellum
  • Lauren Boebert Says ‘Conspiracy Theorists’ Shouldn’t Be on Committees
  • Taliban start buying blue ticks on Twitter
  • Dak Prescott’s naked bootleg touchdown last night reminded me of the time Peyton Manning did it against the Cowboys on a third and goal when he was playing for the Broncos. I remember thinking it was a genius call, no one would have thought Manning, a slow QB, to rush.
  • Speaking of Peyton Manning, last night on the telecast he said the biggest myth in football is “halftime adjustments.” He said never in his career did he made modifications at halftime. I find that hard to believe.





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