Bag of Randomness for Thursday, November 3, 2022

  • An under-rated sports moment in DFW was the Sidekicks winning the indoor soccer championship. That was the first time I experienced a local team winning it all, and Tatu and his shirt bit always cracked me up. His nickname means “armadillo” in Portuguese.
  • Every commercial break on The Ticket I hear that Greg Abbott broke his back 38-years ago. Enough already.
  • For some reason, I keep getting alumni emails from the University of Michigan to my email address I don’t give out but to the most trusted of friends.
  • Did Dr. Oz have a stroke? Surely he doesn’t think Pennsylvania has a coastline? Wait a minute, I bet he really does.
  • In less than a week, Democratic candidates will lose their elections and concede. In less than a week, Republican candidates will lose their elections, ignore the will of the people and scream that their enemies are cheaters and liars. And we’ll take 1 more step toward the end.”
  • Man who wore Hitler costume for Halloween fired from job at Madison Children’s Museum
  • Cobra dies of child biteIn a bizarre incident, an eight-year-old boy bit a cobra snake to death after it got wrapped around his hand in remote Pandarpadh village in Jashpur district, about 350 km northeast of Raipur.
  • Scuba diver rescued by group of women in mermaid costumes off Catalina Island
  • You know Joe Buck wishes he could have called that no-hitter.
  • Screw the Astros, I’m sure they cheated last night. They just didn’t get caught.
  • I don’t recognize combined no-hitters as a real no-hit game.
  • Hey Mona, I hope you are having a good day.
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