Bag of Randomness for Friday, September 9, 2022

  • Huh, Reggie Jackson finally got to her.
  • If someone told me that the Queen of England actually met Reggie Jackson in a baseball dugout, I would have called B.S. But it really happened. To me, in that photo above, the Queen looks more like Lady Bird. If it wasn’t for Prince Phillip, I wouldn’t have easily mistaken her.
  • News agencies have updated the Queens obituary over and over again for it to posted instantly upon her death.. You know some editor screamed, “Finally, it ends!” Upon hearing the news of her death.
  • It’s going to take some getting use to hearing “His Royal Highness” or “King.”
  • James Bond has only ever served Her Majesty.
  • The Queen (4/1926) was born before Anne Frank (June 1929).
  • My dinner date lasted five hours.
  • Kellogg’s wants you to add water to its new cerealBut the instabowls also contain milk powder. When you add cold water and stir, the milk rehydrates and voila: instant milk and cereal.
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