Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, August 17, 2022

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  • One of last night’s trivia team names was Olivia Newton Gone.
  • McGriddles have been out since 2003. I’ve always refused to order one because it seemed to be everything wrong with America. This is how the sausage, egg, and cheese version is described on their website, “Sausage, Egg & Cheese McGriddles feature soft, warm griddle cakes—with the sweet taste of maple—that hold a fluffy folded egg, savory sausage, and melty American cheese“. Well, yesterday after my doctor’s appointment, I ordered an Egg McMuffin, but instead a McGriddle was in my bag. What the heck, I gave it a try, and it was glorious. I couldn’t even finish all of it because it would have just felt wrong. Heck, I think I experienced the seven deadly sins upon first bite. I doubt I’d ever order one again,
  • Longtime Dallas Cowboys radio announcer Brad Sham turned 74 yesterday. America recently lost Vin Scully. There’s no telling how much longer Sham will be with the Dallas Cowboys Radio Network. He seems to be in good health and enjoys doing the good, but I’m just saying we should appreciate what we have while we still can.
  • In this article about 38-year-old L.A. Rams Super Bowl winning coach Sean McVay, it states his alma mater, Miami University in Ohio, will announce that it’s going to build a statue of him. First off, I always get a kick about an announcement about a future announcement. Just go ahead and make the announcement. There’s no need for a pre-announcement or warm-up announcement. Second, here we go again with statues. Nowadays, there are too many life-size or larger statues of people, who in this reporter’s eyes, shouldn’t get until later in life. A statue should be reserved for someone who’s in or about to retire, or their achievement happened a significant amount of time ago. It’s silly Heisman Trophy winners are getting life-size statues within a handful of years of winning the trophy. Here’s an example of an organization doing something too soon. Tampa Bay not only made a life-size statue of John Gruden, but put him in their ring of honor At the time, he was the youngest head coach to win a Super Bowl (McVay took that honor last year) and won the organization their first championship. Gruden got run out of coaching after the NFL revealed he made racist, misogynistic, and homophobic slurs. Tampa Bay removed him from their ring of honor, but I can’t find anything about the statue, which is/was inside their team headquarters.
  • Gillespie County loses all elections department staff
  • Texas teachers top the nation for out-of-pocket spending, new report shows
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