Bag of Randomness for Friday, August 26, 2022

  • Lake Travis, Texas head football coach Hank Carter and Scott Surratt of Carthage both have a higher annual salary than the Texas Governor ($153,750). But things could be different now, that was last year’s data. The Star Telegram has a great article and a database of DFW area high school head football coaches. Either Mineral Wells isn’t considered a part of DFW or their head coach isn’t in the top 100, which I would say is a good thing. I’m sure he would disagree with me.
  • Little do y’all know that when Mineral Wells and Decatur play football, Barry over at and I have a bet payoff. Actually, none of that is true. Sounds cool though, eh?
  • I remember when the service academies loosened their restrictions in 2016 on when a football player can enter the NFL. Roger Staubach had to serve in active duty for five years before playing pro football. When he was asked about the change, he didn’t respond negatively or with bitterness. He just said he was happy for them and happy they could be so fortunate. That’s how I feel about student loan debt relief. Let’s all be like Captain America. A rising tide lifts all boats.
  • I admit, it’s not apples to apples, but I think I like President Biden’s plan of paying off a large amount of school debt better way to stimulate the economy than when Bush (46) gave out stimulus money or bailed out banks and businesses. I think the loan payoff will have a longer and more positive effect on the economy. For those who are now debt free, they can now better contribute to the economy buying goods and services rather. Many will get that nagging issue affecting their car finally repaired, or apply for a loan to buy a new car. For those who aren’t debt free and have a remaining balance to pay, their monthly payment will now go down and they have the ability to pay their loan off faster. I remember being out of college and my monthly student loan payment was more than what I was paying for my share of the rent of an apartment I was living in with three friends. Sure, I could have worked out a smaller payment, but that would only benefit the issuer of the loan because in the long run they gain more interest, and I didn’t want the burden of paying off my loans to be more than ten years. With a lower monthly payment, I would have probably gotten a place of my own, make better progress paying off my car and credit cards, and contribute to the economy by buying and doing more stuff. I don’t mind them getting a benefit I’m no longer qualified for, I’m happy for them, and thinks it’s good for the economy of country.
  • Anytime I think of book banning and school board meetings, I immediately think of that scene in Field of Dreams. No, not that one, but that one.
  • I won’t say much, but I had an excellent second date last night. Dinner lasted three hours. Date three is Saturday. It’s fun making new friends.
  • Southlake, Keller, Grapevine and Mansfield: How a far-right, Christian cellphone company ‘took over’ four Texas school boardsPatriot Mobile markets itself as “America’s only Christian conservative wireless provider.” Now the Trump-aligned company is on a mission to win control of Texas school boards.
  • Missouri school district reinstates spanking as punishment: ‘We’ve had people actually thank us’
  • I had no clue these guys ever got together, much less sang together, after John’s death.

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