Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, June 14, 2022

  • The Celtic variation of Keith is “CEITEACH”. It’s of Scottish origin, a geographical surname for someone who lives in the woods. Bet the farm there will never be a president with Keith as a first name.
  • Rarely will you hear me complain about the Texas heat during the late spring or summer. It’s called that’s the way it is. Acceptance is the answer to almost all our problems. A practice easier to state than follow.
  • However, I will gripe about the Texas power grid. The way it is is not the way it should be.
  • You know you are in for a rough Monday when your starter word for Wordle doesn’t yield any green or yellow squares.
  • It’s an interesting exercise to reflect on different stages of your life and what you considered the biggest stressor in your life at the time. Some of those stressors you’ll realize strengthened you, yet some of those you’ll laugh at why you even sweated it.
  • One of my biggest everyday concerns is that I’m wasting the time of the people I engage with, from friends to cashiers. Well, not that I’m wasting their time, but they feel like I’m just a waste of their time.
  • Too often I feel like I deserve the pain that I’m in, whether it be emotionally or physically or whatever is in-between.There’s a difference between accepting responsibility for how I think about hurtful things others have done, and taking the blame for those actions.
  • A ‘100% Texan’ fiber internet provider is ready to take on D-FW’s big brandsTachus, based in The Woodlands, plans to enter the market with disruption in mind
  • Change can come quickly, but more often it’s a gradual process in which we endure and learn many lessons.
  • I hope the one thing that never gets stolen from me is my creativity. One thing that gives me hope is that I’m a work in process, Keith 1.5 trying to upgrade to Keith 2.0.
  • I’ve always hated the name Keith. I don’t know what I would like, but I certainly don’t like Keith. Do the world a favor and don’t name a child Keith.

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