Bag of Randomness for Thursday, June 16, 2022

  • I’m slowing realizing it’s better not be married than to wonder constantly if my wife loves and values me or just the idea or image of being married. It sucks breaking a covenant with God and not doing a single thing to save the family unit, but it takes two to tango and she wanted to waltz out. Well, or like jitterbug out. One week we agreed to renew our vows, then two weeks later I discover she’s been unhappy in our marriage and the first I’ve heard of any complaints or concerns was in front of a judge.
  • One of my biggest fears was being on my deathbed with my wife of decades on my bedside, and wondering if she really wanted to be there, or if she was just playing the part, that my last thought in this world would be doubt. Doubt that it was ever genuine love. I’m now free of that.
  • Maybe it was her ex-spouse who doubted her love. Interesting it happend in East Texas – Woman charged with felony after spitting on corpse in casket at funeral home, records show
  • That must have been a heck of a scene – Elephant tramples woman to death, then attacks her corpse at funeral
    • Murmu’s family was then performing her last rites before lighting a funeral pyre when the elephant allegedly returned and grabbed her body. The animal threw the corpse in the air and then ran away, the local outlet reported.
  • It’s interesting getting to know other single parents. So many of the ones I speak to had an amicable divorce. They were able to agree on big issues of possession time and child support without having to talk through lawyers. I presented that option to my ex, saying that I don’t know what she wants and if I did we could get this done sooner than later, but she preferred just to talk through lawyers. That’s a lot easier when mommy is paying your legal bills. Money I wanted to spend on my kids is now going to my lawyer’s children’s college fund.
  • I thought I set up two fail-proof safeguards for our marriage. Often, I’d end an argument asking if there was anything we didn’t talk about or anything she wanted to ask but didn’t get a chance to. That was my way of showing she always had a voice and I value her thoughts. Second, I told her I hated that feeling of walking on eggshells whenever I was around my older sibling, and I always felt that way. I told her I never want her to feel that, and if she did, to please let me know. But she avoids any sort of confrontation, no matter how minor, like the plague.
  • I just realized this coming weekend is Father’s Day weekend. Unlike last year, when the ex planned on them being at her parent’s house the entire day, relented after a lot of pleading from me, and let me at least have breakfast with them. Thankfully, thanks to the divorce decree, I get to have them for the special weekend this year. I’ll never understand how she was able to reason that it was in the children’s best interest to only spend breakfast with their father on Father’s Day last year. She did try to reason I didn’t get to spend every Father’s Day with my father, but that’s not true. My father only lived for 22-years of my life. He had a heart attack three days before I graduated from high school. I came home from college for every Father’s Day. Talk about manipulation.
  • Sometimes when a girl likes my profile on a dating app, I ask what on my profile did they like, that way I can find some common ground and build off that. This latest woman said one thing she liked was that I didn’t eat seafood and prefers steak. She had me a steak. Both of us no longer have our parents around, so that’s a unique bond.
  • I bought a new living room floor lamp.
  • Fauci tests positive for Covid-19. Can you imagine the conspiracy theories if he dies by it?
  • I doubt believe the Ted Cruz escort story, but then again, I don’t believe Cruz is happily married either.
  • On The TICKET, Corby has been interviewing Shaq for years. I remember Shaq telling him he owned a small home in Frisco, so this news didn’t surprise me – Shaquille O’Neal buys house in Collin County, real estate agency says
    • He used to do some fun bits at the onset of Twitter. One time, coming out of a mall, a couple asked for a photo and he agreed only if they gave him a ride to his car parked far away. So he crammed himself into their small two-door car. I posted about it back in 2008 with a photo.
  • Greg Abbott’s handwritten notes raise fresh questions over who “misled” him about Uvalde shooting response
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