Bag of Randomness for Wednesday, March 2, 2022

  • I was curious to know what film series was considered the first movie prequel. My limited research told me it was The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, which I’ve still haven’t seen. I bet when I do, I’m going to understand a bunch of Back to the Future III references that’s always gone over my head.
  • I continue to think the opposing party’s response after the president’s State of the Union address is stupid. You can’t respond to something you haven’t heard. Yes, advanced copies of the speech are given out, but those responses are written long before they provide any advanced copy.
  • Since our separation, I’ve attended trivia night with three of my closest friends on most Tuesdays. At first, it was one of those things I was forcing myself to go to just to get out of the house and integrate with people. Like most things, I’d sit there thinking “I’d rather be home with my family.” However, that was no longer an option, I had nothing to go home to any more. Now, trivia night is becoming a fun event I look forward to. I’m thankful my friends have invited and welcomed me through this transition.
  • The other night, my daughter expressed to me she believes her mother is now recruiting her teaching peers to speak to her about the divorce. For instance, a teacher my daughter has never had unexpectedly sought her out, started to talk to her, brought up the divorce, and promised anything she divulged she wouldn’t reveal to her mother. My daughter thought that was suspicious and not very genuine. I told her to give her the benefit of the doubt, seek the good in that person, but at the same time, guard her heart. She said that teacher told her that her mother decided to get the divorce because she couldn’t become a better person by being with her father. It hurts to know that sort of thing is being told to my daughter, and I’m sure that teacher isn’t aware that’s a form of parental alienation. She’s basically telling our daughter that dad makes mom a bad person, and that’s why mom had to leave him. I didn’t try to clarify any of that with our daughter. That was the time for me to listen and let her know her words have value, not for me to clear the record or make a point. God is not going to make someone break a covenant with him to get that person to where he wants she or he to be. The truth will eventually reveal itself to her. The other thing that hurt is knowing my ex’s first choice was to break up the family and not try to keep it together. She never revealed her unhappiness. I’m less upset with the divorce than I am about the way she went about it.
  • I dropped my daughter off at her mother’s apartment from softball practice yesterday. Since I was there, I asked if I could give my son a hug. She said he was in the bathroom, and then yelled upstairs, “Son, your dad is here.” What’s up with the clarifier? Did she have to include “your”? Who else does he know as dad? I spoke to one of my peers in my divorce recovery group. I’m told separated parents, especially the ones who filed for divorce, do what they can to send the message that the other parent is severed from the family.
  • Texas Researchers Remove 406 Invasive Armored Catfish from San Marcos River
  • From the thumbnail image, she looks cute – Green Bay woman dismembered man’s body, placed head in bucket
  • This sentence in this T-Rex article got me to thinking, how many complete fossils of the T-Rex have been unearthed? I would have guessed under the number of the one mentioned.
    • A new analysis of the bones and teeth of 37 T. rex specimens suggests that the dinosaur might need to be regrouped into three separate species
  • I’ve followed this man’s journey for a while, glad to see he completed it.

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