Bag of Randomness for Monday, March 7, 2022

  • I had a great time attending DaughterGeeding’s softball games on Friday. Because of schedule conflicts with BoyGeeding’s soccer game, I couldn’t attend her Saturday games. Of the three games she had on Friday, she got to play in the first one. She had one at bat and popped flied. The coach put her in right field and she came very closing to fielding a ball hit towards her. Of the two games her team played on Saturday, she played in one of them and fouled out at her only at bat. Hey, she’s a sixth grader playing against seniors in high school, she doing just fine. BoyGeeding did well in his game despite his team getting creamed.
  • I worked on becoming less introverted and more social and struck up some pleasant conversations with other parents of our and our opponents’ teams. I also have to thank my best friend for allowing me to borrow his car so I could travel to her game, drive back to pick up BoyGeeding at dismissal, and then back out to east Dallas.
  • There are so many things I hate about divorce. I never imagined what it would be like to sit apart and not socialize with the mother of my children at one of their sporting events, but this is now the norm and how she prefers it. I always thought we would sit and cheer our children on together. It sucks our daughter has to look in two different areas to find her mother and father. During was one interval between games, I sat in the shade on the ground next to a building and watched our children play on the adjacent playground. My ex sat next to me for about twenty minutes, but it scared me to say a single thing to her. She often takes things the wrong way, not to mention she has an open lawsuit against me to change the divorce decree to withhold me from calling the kids, except for a half-hour call twice a week. Not to mention, the last time we spoke, I asked if we could make a commitment to just be nicer to each other and she refused to answer, so it’s hard to know where things stand with her or how she will take things. I hate it. But less is more.
  • I get the impression from my ex that she doesn’t want to coordinate anything together, even if our kids have a conflict in schedules and neither of us can attend both events at the same time. I’d rather work with her so our children can have the benefit of riding with one of their own parents and at least one parent can be in attendance at each child’s game. She often won’t return messages and when I consolidated the busy weekend schedule and reached out to her earlier in the week, all I got was a two word response that left me unsure if she was going to attend any event or willing to help. It was awkward, sad, and unfortunate I had to reach out to another parent to give our daughter a ride to her Saturday games as oppose to first asking her own mother. Conversely, I always reach out and let her know I’m available to help in any way. The mixed blessing in all this was the individual quality time I had with each child driving to the games.
  • Yesterday, BoyGeeding melted my heart. He said he couldn’t wait until spring break, which starts at the end of school this Friday. The stupid divorce decree states I get the kids for that period in even-numbered years. I asked him why he couldn’t wait, expecting some answer like not having to go to school. Instead, he said, “Because we get more family time with you.” And to think, my ex worked so hard at trying to keep her children away from their own father.
  • ‘The Mandalorian’: John Wayne’s Grandson Does Not ‘Think’ He’s ‘Allowed to Say’ How Much He Actually Appears as Din Djarin
    • John Wayne‘s grandson Brendan Wayne is one of the body doubles for Din on The Mandalorian. In a 2019 interview with Vulture, Brendan Wayne shared that he is actually onscreen as the character “frequently,” but he does not “think” he’s “allowed to say” exactly how much screentime he has.
  • I saw this headline but didn’t read the article. If true, there’s no better time to attack or invade Russia. Someone break the news to Napoleon. – US: 95% of Russia’s amassed firepower now in Ukraine

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