Bag of Randomness for Tuesday, February 15, 2022

  • Sometimes when I see the Olympics on I watch them out of guilt. Like, I don’t really want to watch, but I feel like I’m obligated to because of how the games are spread out over four years.
  • Well, at least the girl I’m chatting with through a dating app texted me a valentine yesterday.
  • Peter King had a great piece about Tony Boselli making the Pro Football Hall of Fame. It announced his inclusion on Thursday. After the announcement, a large gathering of family, friends, and former teammates gathered and watched a 24-minute video of those closest to him. The last person on that video, to the surprise of everyone, was his father, who died in May of last year from cancer. Boselli’s wife knew her husband was going to make the Hall of Fame, but wasn’t sure when. He was a finalist last year. Knowing his father only had months to live, she secretly arranged things so his father could be recorded on video congratulating his son and held on to the recording. She’s one hell of a woman. I wish I could know what it feels to be loved like that.
  • A brief history of coin flip rules in pro football.
    • 1921: The referee tossed the coin in front of the captains. Before that, the captains conducted their own coin toss and reported the results to the referee.
    • 1946: The referee conducted the coin toss before teams left the field after pre-game warmups.
    • 1976: Coin toss ceremony changes from 30-minutes before kickoff to three-minutes before kickoff.
    • 1977: Coin toss ceremony can happen any time under three-minutes before kickoff.
    • 1992: In an effort to prevent gamesmanship, rules specified that the number of team captains at the coin toss is limited to six per team, and failure to present captains for the coin toss will be the loss of coin toss option for both halves and loss of 15 yards from the spot of the kickoff.
    • 2008: The winner of the pregame coin toss can defer its choice until the second half.
  • Musk blames ‘fun police’ for recall of feature that makes fart and goat noises
    • Tesla is recalling over 500,000 vehicles in the United States due to its Boombox feature, a 2020 update that allows drivers to play sounds such a bleating goat or a fart noise outside the vehicle.
  • Breastfeeding mom notices baby’s hair is soaking wet, realizes her armpit is leaking milk: ‘My brain cannot comprehend this at all’
  • I realize I could never be the perfect husband, but in many ways, I thought I was anideal husband. I did all sort of things to try to make my wife feel loved and appreciated. Every day for the first week of the school year, when she returned home, I greeted her as she exited the car with a freshly made margarita. Even though I thought making the bed was a waste of time, I realized it meant a lot to her, so I made the bed every day. Noticing how tired she was at the end of the school day, I tried to make things easier and more special for her by having a home cooked meal ready when she and the kids came home. So that we could have more quality time with each other, I also started doing more chores around the house like the laundry, cleaning the bathroom, grocery shopping, and tidying up the kitchen. I tried to be attentive to little traditions that she had with her family to make sure they continue, and do things I’m sure other
    husbands would easily overlook. Trying to keep the romance alive, I’d often surprise her with flowers and gifts throughout the year. I’d tell her I didn’t need a special occasion to give her a gift, that I do it at any time my heart felt like it. That is one adjustment that’s been hard to get used to. During my breaks and to pass the time, I’d often look at websites which highlighted sales and I’d spend hours looking for stuff to buy her. One thing in particular was clothing (always with a receipt. Teachers have a hard time finding good dresses with pockets. At the start and end of the school year I would send her and her team cookies or something else wishing them a great start or congratulate them on the year. When it came  to stuff in the bed room, I always made sure she was satisfied first. I never cheated or smoked or use any tobacco products. I don’t gamble or have any vices. I’ve never set foot in a strip club much less any club. I didn’t have hobbies like hunting or fishing that took me away from my family. She was never been abused. To make sure she always had a voice and a say in a matter, I’d often end our conversations asking if there was something she wanted to add or a question he wanted to ask but never had a chance to. I realized I lacked when it came income and good looks, and no matter how much I felt she neglected me, I never stopped showing her love and admiration.
  • Maybe there’s a single woman who has been reading my blog for years who would like to get to know me better and be loved better than any man could love a woman. If we click, I just ask for her loyalty and respect.
  • One thing that really hurts about divorce is knowing that someone totally gave up and quit on you. It also hurts more when they leave at your most vulnerable and weakest.
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