Bag of Randomness for Thursday February 10, 2022

  • I wonder if I’ll ever be able to buy a house again. My legal bills took the majority money from the sale of the house. I now have child support to pay for the next nine years and home prices are sky high.
  • It’s interesting speaking to other divorced fathers. We find it peculiar how we are all required to take out life insurance to pay for the remainder of child support until our youngest child graduates high school should something happen to us, but our exes aren’t required to take out any in case something happens to them.
  • Being a divorced dad makes you feel like a criminal. Having to create a profile on the state’s attorney general’s website and set up child support is humiliating. By court order, we are required to contact the payroll department of our current and future employers so child support can be automatically set up to be taken out on all paychecks. Anytime we move to a new address, we have to inform both the court and our ex by certified mail.
  • Depending on certain factors, every two years our exes can inquire or request a cost of living adjustment. The method they do this is odd. It’s done by us being served court papers, which seems cruel and invasive and as if we committed a crime.
  • The system is so skewed, women find more incentives in tearing a family apart instead of keeping it together. And, most of us fathers don’t even get the kids 50% of the time. Most of us are lucky if we get something called expanded-standard visitation, which is basically every Thursday night and every first, third, and the rare fifth weekend. It works out to basically 55-45. I’d like to know why I’m not deserving of that extra five percent. It sucks being a glorified weekend dad.
  • I’ve always heard that when a divorce happens, the husband will often be shocked at the friends who happen to side with the wife. The number of Pontius Pilates in my life was shocking.
  • Yesterday, my son asked me who was Adolf Hitler. I gave him the best explanation I could give a soon to be ten-year-old, and withheld any comparison to his mother and grandmother.
  • lets you drag and drop any state or country and compare it to others.
  • @dallastexas_tvSomeone decided to paint a thumbs down on the Federal Reserve building in downtown today
  • Hudson, Ohio mayor suggests ice fishing could lead to prostitution in ice shanties
  • Boston Woman Gets on The Price is Right Only to Win a Trip to New Hampshire
  • Disney is placing its bets on sports streaming and the metaverse
    • Disney today reiterated its commitment to expanding its sports streaming portfolio, with Disney boss Bob Chapek confirming that the company is bidding for the NFL Sunday Ticket. Disney also plans to innovate its product around sports-centric features and its still-vague metaverse plans.
  • Disney Secretly Invented Two Colors (and They’re Everywhere!)
    • Go Away Green and Blending Blue are two of the most used paint colors at Walt Disney World Resort, but each particular shade is engineered by Disney Imagineers to make your eyes ignore them. 
  • Bob Odenkirk’s Long Road to Serious SuccessHe was a comedian’s comedian — until “Better Call Saul” revealed him as a peerless portrayer of broken souls. What will he turn himself into next?
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